Mathematics placement examinations are used  to assess skills prior entering a certain course. Many of these are known from years of experience to work well and correlate with success in further studies.

Below a sample of these assessments.


This placement test is used at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences for freshmen in an engineering programme. 

Related publications:

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Pre-calculus skills assessment

This examination is designed to measure your pre-calculus skills. You should take this exam prior to your Calculus course. Your test scores will be reported to you and your advisor. Your advisor will interpret your score and use this information to help you during the course.

About this test

The test includes 35 multiple choice questions. The test is timed with a time limit of 90 minutes. Do not start this test unless you have 90 minutes to devote to the test without interruption. There is no provision to pause this test. If you close the browser or navigate away from the test page, the timer will continue to run. Any answers you have selected before leaving the test page will be recorded. If you resume, the test will restart from the last recorded answer. Also, if you run out of time, all answers that were submitted will be recorded.

Authors: D. A. Allen