These courses archive log data and describe learning analytics research that can be carried out. All the data from past and ongoing WEPS courses is being archived for research purposes following ethical guidelines. We strongly advocate the introduction of learning analytics to online learning practices and are committed to improve the WEPS courses as a result of studies and research in these emerging fields.  

 We are currently drafting the Terms of Usage for our log data collection. 


Drafting proposals and branstorming on how to carry forward the development of online mathematical assessment and in particular by using learning analytics. 

Participants of this course have been involved in some past projects which gave them the overview of the complexity of the area of learning analytics and provided an opportunity to demonstrate their competence in the area of online assessment for mathematics.

The goal of this course is to make concrete plans, in terms of proposals, interventions and advocacy that will focus on the specifics needed to take the field of online mathematical assessment forward. 

In this course we describe what are the prospects and issues of integrating and developing learning analytics for courses hosted at WEPS.

While doing so, we will experiment and learn about the reporting facilities in Moodle, the log data formats, the archiving and data curation issues involved with privacy and handling of personal data, analyse the global perspective of extending WEPS beyond national borders and investigate the possibilities of meaningful data analysis offered by third-party tools such as Google Analytics.