Courses for the WEPS China Center. Discussions are currently underway to setup our activity headquarters in China and obtain the necessary permissions to hold online courses. These courses are targeted to Chinese students who are considering furthering their education abroad and want to test their preparation.

If you are an Institution interested in sponsoring WEPS or in providing such courses at WEPS, let us know by emailing to info at weps.com.




This is the first part of the first of the Advanced Calculus course.


Overview: The course is based on Calculus I and is an introduction to integration techniques, advanced applications of integration, and to the theory of power series. The course corresponds to a typical Calculus II course at US universities. The course objectives and the grading are explained in the syllabus.

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Credits: 8 ECTS Credits.  Syllabus.

Next Session, Now Open for Registration: Course starts on May 13, 2013.

Examinations: midterm and final proctored examination. These can be taken at various locations around the world. Proctoring fees may apply outside of the University of Helsinki Campus.

Dr. Matti Pauna is the instructor of the course in Spring. The author of the course, Dr. Mika Seppälä, works as Professor of Mathematics at The Florida State University and as Professor of Computer Aided Mathematics at The University of Helsinki.

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