Support to online instruction with innovations in learning analytics, instructional design, and in motivational methods.


These are support courses for the activities of the SAVI Collaboration between US and Finnish teams developing new and innovation solutions for learning. The WEPS team develops technology that will enhance MOOCS in particular in the area of STEM instruction.


Moodle domain for the IRB and Big Data meeting at GMU DC Campus on Nov. 9-11, 2014

Moodle domain for the Big Data in Education meeting that will take place at GMU March 20-23, 2014.

As part of the NSF-SAVI collaboration activities, the Helsinki team of WEPS is hosting a meeting to discuss the emergence of Big Data in eLearning. The meeting will take place on October 23-26, 2013 at the University of Helsinki and at the US Embassy in Helsinki.

 No registration is required for the public event taking place on Friday October 25, provisionally scheduled for 4pm-5pm, in Porthania lecture hall PII.

This is the moodle area for the workshop that took place at the Florida State University, March 14-16, 2013. The workshop produced a draft for a book on Learning Analytics, Instructional Design, and Motivational Methods for MOOCS.

This is the moodle area for the workshop that took place at the  University of Helsinki, October 11 - 13, 2012. This was the kick-off event of the SAVI WEPS Activities.